Literatur von Shepherd Hoodwin (Seelenlehre nach Michael)

Shepherd Hoodwin ist ein US-amerikanisches Michael-Medium mit einer Vielfalt von Publikationen. "Michael" ist eine Gruppe von Seelen auf der Kausalen Ebene. Auch hier ist die Struktur der identisch mit jener der "Quelle", mit einigen zusätzlichen Dimensionen.


Seit 1986 channelt er Michael und hat ein Dutzend Bücher dazu verfasst. Alle seine Bücher sind in englisch. Das bedeutendste ist "Journey of Your Soul"

Journey of Your Soul: A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings


Autor: Shephard Hoodwin

2., überarbeitet Auflage, erschienen 2013


Even at birth, everyone is unique. Can heredity alone account for the complex differences in people's temperaments and styles? The Michael teachings, an extraordinary body of channeled work, propose that we are each unique souls who deliberately take on a specific combination of traits to give us the experiences we seek. In this fascinating book, Shepherd Hoodwin expertly discusses these teachings from his vantage point as a Michael channel.

"Michael" is a group of souls who teach that we are eternal beings journeying from the Tao and back again in an adventure of exploration and creativity. Each step along the way, we make choices that shape our experience. For example, after committing to a series of lifetimes, we choose one of seven roles, or soul types: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, or scholar.

These teachings address many age-old questions, such as "How did we become who we are?" "Why are we here?" "Where are we going?" and "How does the universe work?" In addition, Journey of Your Soul sheds light on the channeling process itself, answering questions such as "How does channeling work?" "Why do different channels receive conflicting information?" and "What does it take to become a channel?" Hoodwin shows us that it is possible, and indeed beneficial, to engage all parts of the human consciousness. His unique analytical approach to channeling will help readers gain a firm intellectual understanding of what is involved.